Here is a screencast I produced to demonstrate the Star Wars route received when running

$ traceroute

Update 2013-02-14: 7,000 views. Not sure why this is so popular.
Update 2013-02-12: Over 6,000+ views! Wow.
Update 2013-02-11: Over 5,000 views!
Update 2013-02-10: Over 2,000 views!

Update 2013-02-09: The architect, Ryan Werber, commented on the video:

I love it! exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it!

Ryan wrote about his design and has provided the source code for his hack.

To see Episode IV for yourself, open a traceroute utility1. On Mac: Apps > Utilities > Network Utility > Traceroute. Type in and click Trace.

Hacker News has some coverage: The Star Wars Route: Do a traceroute to and Star Wars Traceroute – How I did it.

Can’t get enough Star Wars Episode IV in text form? Try this in your commandline:

$ telnet

  1. You can do this on Windows or Linux or whatever. Google ‘traceroute’. []