Star Wars trace route video

Here is a screencast I produced to demonstrate the Star Wars route received when running
[bash gutter=”false”]
$ traceroute

Update 2013-02-14: 7,000 views. Not sure why this is so popular.
Update 2013-02-12: Over 6,000+ views! Wow.
Update 2013-02-11: Over 5,000 views!
Update 2013-02-10: Over 2,000 views!

Update 2013-02-09: The architect, Ryan Werber, commented on the video:

I love it! exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it!

Ryan wrote about his design and has provided the source code for his hack.

To see Episode IV for yourself, open a traceroute utility ((You can do this on Windows or Linux or whatever. Google ‘traceroute’.)). On Mac: Apps > Utilities > Network Utility > Traceroute. Type in and click Trace.

Hacker News has some coverage: The Star Wars Route: Do a traceroute to and Star Wars Traceroute – How I did it.

Can’t get enough Star Wars Episode IV in text form? Try this in your commandline:
[bash gutter=”false”]
$ telnet

First Licks of Two Scoops of Django


This is a ‘getting started’ document based on my interpretation of best practices for beginning a new Django project. I’ve written this after going through the four part Django tutorial and reading the excellent Two Scoops of Django twice. The aim for this document is to show you (and remind the future me (( One note of preface: I’m not 100% certain which folder level you need to be in to perform some of the shell commands. ))) how to jumpstart Django without having to go through the first couple chapters of Two Scoops each and every time.

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Paperless in 2013? There are some gotchas

'Copy machine shoots out a paper airplane', by Drew Dernavich of the New Yorker
'Copy machine shoots out a paper airplane', by Drew Dernavich of the New Yorker
‘Copy machine shoots out a paper airplane’, by Drew Dernavich of the New Yorker

(This is a cross-post from the blog on January 2, 2013.)

As we build our products and talk with folks about what Dimples does, occasionally we get a question about the digitization, or ‘paperless office’, movement.  Curiously, the ideal of a paperless office has been around for about forty years, coinciding with the huge growth in print consumption, including paper, ink, and toner.

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