Investment Portfolio

I have invested venture capital, invested angel capital, and founded startups.

I manage the boutique entity WFS Group, which is composed of WFS Research LLC and WFS Ventures. I conduct these investments and activities based on personal identification with the team members and the challenge area we are addressing.

I invest venture capital professionally on behalf of Airbus Ventures, where I work with others collaboratively to write and close a deal and to provide post-investment support to the entrepreneurs. In other words, I do not deserve full credit for making venture investments, since I feel it takes a diverse team to make great investments sustainably.

Airbus Ventures – board roles

Company NameStage InvestedLead Check?Sourced?
Universal HydrogenSeries ANoYes
DUST IdentitySeries ANoNo

Airbus Ventures – deals supported

Company NameStage InvestedLead Check?Sourced?

WFS Group

Company NameRole
Rogue SpaceAngel – Seed
RISE CompaniesAngel – Series B
StartEngineAngel – Series B
LookAlive StudioAdvisor
Pipeguard Robotics / Watchtower RoboticsCEO, Co-Founder
Dimples IncCEO, CTO, Co-Founder
Mad Dog Environmental SolutionsCTO, Co-Founder
Muddy CharlesLeader, Co-Founder
Self Inspection CompanyPresident