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Jonathan B. MillerWelcome! Thank you for being my guest today and investing your time in learning about me and my work. 

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                                                - Jonathan B. Miller

This site is a database of sorts for me, Jonathan B. Miller, often referred to by colleagues as "JMill".  The work presented on this site is my own or, if noted, in collaboration with other leaders.  As you'll soon see, I'm commited to helping others through the innovative use of technology and science (and humor!).  Thanks for being my guest today.

The site is divided by size and type of project or work.

      I hope that you learn something of interest to you!  You'll find projects based on rural and under-served health technologies, digital 3D mapping and modeling, remotely-operated robots, graphic and system design ideas, global meditation techniques, world-saving distributed computing initiatives, a homemade solar shower, a strategic analysis of an international athletic education foundation, emergency response hardware/software design and policy, and a good bit more.  In all of the work you see here, you'll find parts of me: a passionate, high-minded, innovative leader (and, some would say, just a really nice, fun gentleman!), who is determined to continue improving the lives of humans through science, technology, policy, and education, from rural lands, to low-resource areas, to urban environments, to resource-rich settings.

     If you have ideas to contribute, criticisms to air, or anything else to say to me, let me know at Jonathan@JMillVille.com or by calling 1-470-FEATHER (1-470-332-8437).  I'm looking forward to talking with you!

     The site's name, JMillVille, is based on a writing entitled "Residing at the Helm: Being Your Own Village", by DailyOm, excerpted below.  The writing presents a unique method of self-reflection, self-caring, and ultimately, of self-satisfaction.  And with such qualities and such intent, we, as individuals, can truly help our communities.


     ...Each human being is born with the capacity to be their own village. We embody many roles throughout our lifetimes, all of which are representative of our capacity for self-sufficiency and self-determination. In different moments in our lives, we are our own counselor, janitor, caregiver, cook, healer, teacher, and student. Our willingness to joyfully take on these roles grants us the power to maintain control over the direction our life’s journey takes. ...

     Being your own village does not mean embracing isolation, for a balanced life is built upon the dual foundations of the inner and the outer villages. Rather, being your own village is a celebration of your wondrous inner strength and resourcefulness, as well as an acknowledgment of your innate ability to capably steer the course of your life.

     With these thoughts in mind, I hope you enjoy perusing JMillVille.